Best AudioPhile Headphones for Gaming in 2022

The best audiophile headphones for gaming run all around mesmerizing, melodious sound along with a good quality sound check. No caprice features no RGB. Bling all in one sticking to one and leading to one slogan “only and only great audio” and here are all those formulas that have been tested on these more friendly ears highlighting all these as best audiophile headphones for gaming, more game focusing compatriots. 

Having a lot of accessories and attached sets along with some audiophiles but now it’s not even an issue rather than it was in the past. As the only solo game is not an issue but CHEAP ?? CHEAP HANDSETS CHEAP GAMING MICROPHONES ARE BLOOD TO FANTASTIC LIFE and makes it all a bag of pure bliss for you.  

Premium headphones play a greater role in showing you comfort and making you a couch potato while lacking all those features and essentials that a typical handset has perfectly to feel the gaming arena and to make the gaming handset specific. You’ll not find any sort of extensions regarding RGB illumination and neither 7.1 surround and this all leads because they tend to provide the purest aural experience. And the cons in it lead to TOO MUCH EXPENSIVE TO BEAR ON A POCKET OF A NORMAL BEING. And it’s too easy to fall down when you’re chasing superior sound.

Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming – Detailed Reviewed

1. Audeze LCD-1 

Audeze LCD-1

  • Stunning audio
  • Clear and Mesmerising audio
  • Less tiring over long sessions
  • Open back sound leakage
  • Warm up after some time

I’m a bit ashamed but no apologies at all that I love planar magnetic drives and the very first sight love with them. As my OPPO PM3 headphones which are now extinct sadly also were closed-back cans but these are the best audiophile headphones for gaming. They have a super-rich open-back design that perfectly complements this ultra-detailed audio of my favorite planar magnetic drive.

As these planar magnetic drives take a while to warm up so they are painfully detailed out of the box an extension of 16-20 hours? Yes and up till then the sound can be a little uproarious…pointy…and arrow striking. But they are adorned like a red lady having a glass of wine and as you get along these best audiophile headphones for gaming as felled perfect Audeze LCD-1 cans the audio, becomes mesmerizingly beautiful warm, and rich though as detailed and squeezing accurate  

And if you want to keep your couch uplifted with all the charm of playing games and go experience the original aural immersion then these headphones are for you. The world of games and expansive open-back designs are totally a hot mug of coffee in your cold world.  

Sadly….. if you’re not alone your partner or the one accompanying you can be a little missed out as its back principle means that your voice can be heard outside too and it doesn’t even give you a passive noise canceling. In the end, these headphones are the best for your isolation a perfect company for your loneliness and can be a fully mesmerizing bliss to your open loneliness.

2. Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650

  • Excellent high-end response
  • Clearly defined audio
  • Open soundstage
  • Light on Bass voice

A mighty in itself in the audio equipment game is this best audiophile headphones for gaming called SENNHEISER HD 650  

This high-quality pair of cans set the most unbeatable standards for high-end home audio only because of its highly detailed drivers and gorgeous open cheerful voice. Even though lighter on the bass response  As compared to the other gaming handsets  The HD 650 plays a major role as a prime advocate for the best audiophile headphones for gaming so-called SENNHEISER SOUND that’s only because of the mesmerizing cheerful sound it delivers with all its clarity right way through the frequency range.  

But you can say that this handset Is not supplementing or augmenting your audio in fact it only brings you to the real close digital sound that makes you feel totally intact with the real audio and that is why it makes you choose these best audiophile headphones for gaming among all others while these are having a great experience for you to chase a spotless video and a proud way to set much more by being perfect for everything.  

And here you go pretty much close to the value that it costs is totally for its all qualities which pay back to you so you can think about sort of discounts if you’re lucky enough otherwise it holds on the price that it pays your happiness while playing. And yes second-hand markets are the best place to fill your desires.



  • Excellence in design
  • Incredible personalized sound
  • Top-notch active noise control
  • 50$ extra for gaming mic
  • Aurally invasive

Have you ever heard a pair of speakers for each ear ??? No? But this pair of best audiophile headphones for gaming called Nuraphone offers you such an incredible experience. These best audiophile headphones for gaming are two parts. The outer part plays a role in handling the lower tones and bass, while the in-ear handles and the upper frequency plays a role in parallel drivers for each ear.  

Since their progressive Kickstarter launch 3 years ago Nuraphone has already updated significantly and yet the addition of Active noise cancellation ANC and a gaming microphone attachment ($50) is the most important implementation to rival even the most expensive premium handsets. 

It’s one of the most decent handsets while having a beautiful design and it doesn’t even have the hassle of handling wires as one of its features is being wireless providing you with the best audiophile headphones for gaming handsets ever along with perfect soundscape like no other thing ever  

And if you’re looking for a handset only for gaming Nuraphone aren’t those having $450 oh!!! Along with the microphone which is a must for gaming it’s too large and huge to handle and ask if you’re looking for gaming-centric features.

4. V-MODA M-200

V-MODA M-200

  • Great compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Clean , accurate sound
  • Custom plate
  • Not so great mic
  • A little too tight to fit
  • No lightening
  • No USB type C adapter

Our super-duper light compact design of this best audiophile headphones for gaming called M-200 is one of the favorite things at 290 grams. It’s really light and accommodative at the same time work, play all round up the corner. Making these best audiophile headphones for gaming. 

It’s having a wide frequency range of 5HZ to 40kHZ these featured gaming cans have large 50 mm drivers too these are excellent without any sort of issues.  

My only complaint is that this pair of Handset can be too tight for those having large walnuts (cranium ) or noggings like me and without light there is no life definitely the no light experience in this handset makes it a step back for people like me but yes it also lacks the USB TYPE C ADAPTER it also sells a separate lightning cable for $100 which is pricey considering the headset costs $350. 

Are audiophile headphones good for gaming? 

Best audio best gaming experience, the best level of soothing comfort if you want so then the clarity of sounds is one of the biggest demands that one needs to fulfill all his desires while being totally indulged in the game so picking up a pair of headphones that gives you all these is the best one for you. Picking one of these best audiophile headphones for gaming you can hear the most natural audio ever.  

Ahh it has many odd ends too that these are way too expensive and a burden on the pocket of a normal earner they benefit from good sound hardware inside your PC and yes we’re there is a sound leakage it’s totally uneasy for you to feel like home so here it is having a poor sound leakage with no passive voice canceling. 

Microphones are the bread to butter in these but most of these don’t carry along a microphone that’s one of the advantages though it allows you to buy on tackling your pocket and that’s not an issue at all.  

Are open-back headphones good for gaming? 

While playing one wants a total natural era and zone so playing feels realistic so these best audiophile headphones for gaming are the best ones so far to fulfill all these demands making you feel totally natural these headphones don’t exaggerate sound levels and help you feel all the ups and downs that are actually present in the game. 

If you live in a house full of people you prefer not to leave them at the urge of disturbance even if someone stays in your room you can’t stop the feeling to play games at that particular time so these allow you to be as personal as you want these doesn’t make the sound hit others while sitting in the room you can be as much as you want and this makes you choose them much quicker than others. But the close design of these can affect the sound itself as it interacts with the cups.  


1. Jabra elite active 75t

Jabra elite active 75t

  • Water proof
  • Long-lasting battery check
  • Comfortable in-ear design
  • No Active Noise Cancellation
  • Wireless charging is not available

Easy peasy off too squeezy makes one find out ease in everything he wants. We as humans have many things to do in a day cooking, gaming, and gym, etc? Some people prefer gaming as a hobby and some only prefer them at their ease. For this level of life, these earbuds play a massive role in making it easy to do all this. These best audiophile headphones for gaming called JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 75t make your world much easier while wearing these earbuds you can do anything anywhere. These best audiophile headphones for gaming makes their mark in prioritizing things and these best audiophile headphones for gaming has two main leads  

This long-lasting feature makes these best audiophile headphones for gaming the best among all as people demand continuity rather than life with breaks.  

These have a frequency range of 20-20kHZ and the sound quality is fine enough. In these best audiophile headphones for gaming, Bluetooth connection makes them the best sellers for gaming although with proper adapters. You don’t need even to set it up as these best audiophiles provide you ease and ease. Even these include customizable EQ found in the optional sound app.  

2. Beats Powerbeats pro

Beats Powerbeats pro

  • Easy setup
  • 10- hour battery setup
  • Can pair up with 10 devices
  • Clever controls
  • A huge charging case
  • No wireless charging

Pairing up with only one device makes it hell difficult to do work on a large base but these best audiophile headphones for gaming called beats Powerbeats pro makes you fall in love with this feature. These can pair up with anything anytime. This doesn’t even demand numbers. These can set up a pair even if it’s a laptop, a tablet, a cell phone, or any other device instead. The transition it makes is just commendable.  

These have a well summarised and balanced audio and do not have a heavy bass sound like other headphones. This lacks the oomph in the explosions department like game called off duty, warzone it doesn’t mess with the EQ settings. This helps make out little things like character dialogue.  

People like pocket-friendly things but these have a bad side that it’s has a large charging case that’s too bulky to be pocket-friendly. It demands large tables or desks so people tend to keep it at home rather than carrying them to workplaces.

3. Astro A03 in-ear monitors

astro A03 earphones

  • $50
  • Fun Coloured
  • Mic not works on PC

Crumpled balls, awful mess, knots and ties all around with the wires and placed in a drawer full of junk and all the stuff that you never paid attention to. It’s a home base problem we have been through. Bringing them out only when the battery dies and making you feel to keep them all away from the charging wires so they don’t get perplexed all together.  

These best audiophile headphones for gaming called Astro A03 in-ear monitors are the best ones for you. If you can’t afford the expensive ones then this is the best available option for you. People who are fond of gaming all the time become fed up with long-bearing heavy headphones on their little helixes. This makes them frustrated but these are too friendly as they help you play all the way without any sort of load. The lay-flat-tangle-resistant wires help you choose these, as they make your life easier. As you don’t need to be frustrated anymore to untie the tangled knots.  

The only downside is that its mic doesn’t work on PC. And this leads many to leave it right away if they prefer gaming on PC. 

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